Lead Generation: 25 Motivators to Entice a Prospect to Register Their Contact Information with You

The more prospects who choose to register their contact information with you the better. Someone who opts-in to your house list is demonstrating an interest in your message. Some may represent immediate sales opportunities. Others can be inexpensively nurtured over time using email until they purchase, opt-out or are disqualified as a prospect.

To build your house list you need to give your prospects a reason to share their contact information with you. Having a great product or special offer may not be a good enough incentive because many visitors will not be in purchasing mode when they first get to your web page. Most will be in learning mode. Keep that in mind when deciding what incentive to offer.

Here are the most common motivators that entice people to register their contact details on a web site:

  1. To request pricing or other information
  2. To access or download a white paper or article
  3. To see a product demonstration
  4. To attend a webinar (or to view a recording of one)
  5. To attend a telephone seminar (or to hear a recording of one)
  6. To read a research report
  7. To download an e-book
  8. To access a trial product
  9. To subscribe to an e-newsletter
  10. To subscribe to a print magazine
  11. To get special access to VIP benefits
  12. To participate in a forum or blog
  13. To access technical support
  14. To access a peer network such as a user group
  15. To use an on-line tool or calculator
  16. To get a coupon or discount code
  17. To register for an event such as a trade show or seminar
  18. To receive notifications (e.g. product availability, new listings, etc)
  19. For a customised experience (e.g. to store preference data)
  20. To download an MP3 file (e.g. a telephone seminar, podcast, music)
  21. To enter a high-value sweepstakes
  22. To join an affiliate program
  23. To join a loyalty program (e.g. airline miles)
  24. To receive a gift
  25. To participate in a survey

Best practises for choosing the right opt-in motivators

  • The best incentive for your business will depend on your unique situation. However, in general the following best practice rules apply:
  • Offer credible value-add information related to what the visitor is looking for. Your brochure does not qualify as an incentive to register.
  • The offer should be of value to a prospective customer, not to the general public. Remember you want sales leads, not just a list of names.
  • The offer should relate to a prospect's purchase decision process.
  • If possible, provide immediate gratification once the form is completed.
  • Always tell the visitor what is in it for them.
  • Don't ask for too much information. You can get more information later.
  • Build trust. Clearly state your privacy policy on the registration page. Tell the visitor what will happen when they register and assure them they can easily opt-out.
  • Keep it simple. The page must look and work simply. Don't let the programmers over-complicate it.
  • Test different incentives and registration page designs.

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