The easiest way to compare Marketingsage is to look at what you are getting from your current agency. Start with this short survey. See which of the following apply to you.

We have one cost-effective agency that:

  • Generates sales leads that we can see and track
  • Increases the quality of our leads so our sales team is more successful
  • Lowers our cost-per-lead. We reach more prospects for the same budget
  • Grades leads so our sales team can prioritise
  • Pumps leads into our CRM system to keep our sales team productive
  • Keeps us in the press month after month so our brand is stronger
  • Gets us in front of the right industry analysts so we have more influence
  • Effectively uses email to nurture our prospects into customers
  • Helps us sell through resellers and OEMs to reach more customers
  • Can write technical papers as well as make them look good
  • Can script and produce online videos that help us sell 24×7 worldwide
  • Manages our trade show logistics so all we have to do is show up
  • Has the industry, sales and marketing experience to advise us on strategy
  • Is proactive with ideas, strategy and execution
  • Delivers actionable insight and information, not just data
  • Works closely with our internal team to quickly execute our plans
  • Is up to 50% less expensive than adding to payroll
  • Lets me work with an executive, not an intern
  • Only works with a few select clients so we don't compete for attention

If only a few apply you'll have noticed that typical agencies only provide one service (e.g. PR, graphic design, etc.). They tend to focus on tasks and not necessarily a business result, such as sales. Marketingsage provides an integrated set of services designed to help clients get business results.

Heres what clients say:

"Our relationship with Marketingsage allows us to afford the highest skills doing exactly the marketing task we need without the need to capitalise a boatload of expensive resources. Overall, our investment in Marketingsage is outstanding and I definitely recommend them."

Janae Lee, CEO, TimeSpring Software Corp. (acquired by Double-Take Software Inc.)

"Our return on investment to date in Marketingsage is outstanding … I would definitely recommend them."

Woody Hutsell, President, Texas Memory Systems (acquired by IBM)

"I would definitely recommend Marketingsage …"

Paul Hrabal, President, U.S. Data Trust Corp.

"Our return on investment in Marketingsage was outstanding and I would absolutely recommend them."

Shane Jackson, Director, Strategic Alliances, Quantum Corp.

"We would definitely recommend Marketingsage because they've provided Everdream with outstanding value for money."

Gary Griffiths, CEO & President, Everdream Corp. (acquired by Dell Inc.)

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