Marketingsage Resources

Marketingsage offers a host of sales and marketing resources. Many are free of charge to the general public. Others are available only to clients or our associates. Here is an overview of what's available.

Words To The Wise™

Marketingsage regularly publishes how-to articles on our Words To The Wise page. These practical guides are available free to the general public (some require registering). We also contribute to blogs and occasionally answer questions in various forums, including LinkedIn.

Equipment Library

Our Equipment Library has hardware that Marketingsage associates and their clients can borrow or rent for trade shows and events. By using Marketingsage's equipment, clients do not tie up capital in equipment that is only occasionally needed.

Reviewed Tools & Resources

Occasionally we publish our review of the tools and resources we come across. We see a lot of sales and marketing tools and resources. Some we use ourselves. Others we don't use because they may not be applicable to our particular situation, but we recognize their value and believe they are worth highlighting.

Unoso® Software Suite

Marketingsage's tools include an exclusive suite of productivity enhancing software. This software enables us to provide a superior service to our clients. It also allows us to achieve more in less time. And, because it's custom designed for Marketingsage, the suite can grow and adapt as our needs change. The Unoso suite includes:

  • Unoso Business Manager
  • Unoso Lead Manager
  • Unoso Creative Manager
  • Unoso Vault
  • Unoso Inspiration

Research Library

Our Research Library is available to Marketingsage associates only. It contains a host of market research and benchmark data from the most respected analysts about what's working and what's not. It also includes the best how-to books on sales and marketing.