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To achieve a revenue target, sales and marketing professionals should calculate how many customers, prospects and sales leads they need. They should also account for the time it takes to convert a lead to a prospect, the time it takes to convert a prospect to a customer and the forecasted cost of the sales leads.

Options for Outsourcing Lead Generation and Sales
Outsourcing enables both access to specific markets and/or the reduction of internal resources necessary to support a sales effort. This article outlines the proven strategies.

Defining and Ranking Sales Leads
Marketingsage’s straightforward definition of a sales lead enables the meaningful ranking of opportunities as they enter the organization. In turn, the ranking allows both the sales and marketing teams to simultaneously apply different policies for sales lead management.

The Greatest Cost, Namely Time!
This popular 2003 article about the strategic value of time is still relevant today.

Strategic Influence Selling
This white paper outlines a practical and proven strategy that enables emerging technology companies to win the business of the large solution provider OEMs by directly influencing their channel and end-user customers.
This 8 minute video provides practical guidance to help emerging companies market effectively and be successful in 2009 and beyond.
Of course this video is now dated, but you might watch it to see how accurate our predictions were.
"I've see countless presentations on this subject, but if you're involved in sales, marketing or business development, this one is worth a look." — Marketing Views,
"Very useful information in this video. Interesting approach to presenting the data." — LinkedIn Storage Professionals Group comment
The CMO's Recession Survival Guide
This article and its 8 recession rules attempts to predict what will happen, how it will impact you, and what strategies senior marketing executives in emerging companies should consider now – today, before it’s too late.
"Agnes Lamont is a veteran at this. As a partner at MarketingSage she has done a superb job delivering this timely wisdom in her recent white paper “The CMO’s Recession Survival Guide.” The guide is a no-holds-barred, get-real-and-down-to-business declaration of what every marketer must come to grapple with this year to stay in the profession." — Arturo F. Muñoz, editor R4P

Marketing Planning Cheat Sheet
This is a one page diagram that shows a “best practice” marketing planning process that can be used, not just to plan, but also to lead your team through the valuable thought process. By following the process you’ll identify more opportunities and avoid many pitfalls that could make or break your firm.
Sales Lead Management: A Practical Guide for Marketers
This downloadable guide describes a practical system for capturing sales leads, why marketers benefit from such a system, the real-world issues faced, the process and information about MarketingSage. It's important because the sales lead management process allows managers to forge tangible links between marketing and sales. It helps clarify strategy, guides decisions and facilitates objective measurement.

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The Salesperson's Guide to Successful Trade Shows
Give this one page tip sheet to your salespeople before your next trade show. It covers preparation, selling, housekeeping tasks and post-show actions.


Video Framing Cheat Sheet
This one page video framing cheat sheet shows many of the standard film/video shots such as close-ups, medium shots, etc. Now everyone can be on the same page when it comes to filmmaking terminology.

Video Shot Report Form
This video shot report is used to keep notes about the footage you take so the MarketingSage production teams knows what takes are good and what should be discarded or edited.

Sales Opportunity Form
This useful form can be used by salespeople on or off the show floor to record sales leads. The template has 2 forms per 11×8.5 inch page so you can easily print, cut and glue bind useful note pads.