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Advertising is a fast, controllable way to generate measurable and cost-effective sales leads. Done properly, advertising is a predictable investment in sales, not a risky expense.

Advertising can also build brand awareness. High brand awareness is important to sales because prospective customers are much more likely to favour the brand they are familiar with.

Advertising pays-off from a sales perspective when:

The media selection strategy is customised for your specific situation — target audience, product, market stage, sales channel, goals and available resources.

Media purchases are actively managed within the guidelines appropriate to your specific situation. Once your ROI parameters are established, media purchase decisions are based on relatively predictable expected results. This allows you to purchase media based on what works for you, rather than discounts from inflated prices, complex bundles, the "deal of the day" or the choices of your competitors.

The creative makes it clear what is being offered and how the customer benefits from it. The creative must also include a clear call-to-action — preferably one that can be easily tracked.

The message is consistently and frequently presented to the same audience.

Marketingsage can help you implement a successful ROI-centric advertising strategy by:

Helping you decide if advertising should be part of your promotional plan, and if so, what type of advertising is best for you. We'll look at your branding and lead generation objectives as well as your target audience and available resources to develop campaigns that work.

Helping you decide what type of advertising best suits your business situation and objectives. We'll estimate the expected results and advise on budget, budget allocation, timing, frequency, messaging, lead capture and follow-up.

Helping you choose the advertising media that will give you the best return on investment potential during a given period. Marketingsage will get the right data and analyse it for your specific needs, negotiate pricing and make ROI-centric recommendations.

Writing compelling messages and delivering arresting images tailored to your audience, product and advertising medium.

Providing a sales lead management system if you do not have one of your own. The Marketingsage system delivers sales leads to you as soon as they come in — via email and/or into a CRM system such as It allows you to see what adverts are working best and to optimise your campaigns.

Our system also sends one or more personalised emails from you to each prospect. These emails can deliver additional information, request qualifying information or push to close new business. We can track email open rates and click rates to highlight those prospects that have the most interest in your offering.

Managing every detail of your campaign. Unlike most advertising agencies, we don't start or stop with the creative. Marketingsage manages everything necessary to get tangible results.

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