Comprehensive Press Relations and Analyst Relations Services

A managed PR strategy — Public Relations, Press Relations, and Analyst Relations — is almost always the most valuable and cost-effective way of generating awareness, promoting your offering and building your brand.

The business benefits of a well-executed PR strategy are substantial:

The sales conversion rate is typically higher for leads generated by editorial publicity.

Editorial publicity has significantly greater credibility than advertising. Additionally, winning 3rd-party endorsements can add considerable value to your brand and generate a considerable number of high quality sales leads.

Editorial publicity can drive traffic to your web site and generate hundreds or even thousands of valuable links. Unlike advertisements, editorial coverage often stays on line or in libraries and can be found again and again.

PR campaigns cost significantly less than print or broadcast advertising. It has also been shown that the cost per click of a PR campaign can be less than driving web traffic through the purchase of keywords for a pay-per-click campaign.

PR inexpensively gets your company, products and ideas in front of very large audiences. A single announcement can be covered by multiple media types such as print, web, radio, and T.V. With an advertisement each medium must be purchased separately.

Publicity begets publicity, often generating an increasing return on investment over time. Frequent announcers are more likely to be proactively sought out by journalists to comment or to participate in reviews.

Press releases and the resulting stories can contain a lot of information making them excellent vehicles for educating an audience.

Regular announcements and editorial coverage are often seen as a demonstration of progress and company health by investors, board members, employees, analysts, sales prospects and customers.

A PR strategy works best when:

The primary objectives of the PR strategy are to generate awareness and build a brand. High brand awareness is important to sales because prospective customers are much more likely to favour the brand they are familiar with.

PR is not expected to be your primary source of sales leads. PR will generate quality sales leads, especially when it results in a product or company endorsement. However, most editorials will not include a direct call-to-action or incentives (e.g. "Call XYZ, Inc. now to get a …"). Editors, not you or your PR team, ultimately control content, timing and placement of stories.

Announcements are regular, consistent and valued by the media you pitch.

PR is combined with other forms of promotion.

Marketingsage can help you implement a successful PR strategy by:

  • Generating more coverage per dollar invested than you can get with typical PR
  • Using our extensive "Rolodex" of editors, analysts and journalists to directly pitch stories.
  • Identifying what makes your offering special and clearly articulating both features and benefits to your target audience.
  • Identifying more calendared editorial opportunities.
  • Generating publicity ideas and managing every detail of the process for you.
  • Consistently tracking and reporting PR wins.
  • Leveraging advertising purchases into editorial exposure..

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