Marketingsage Sales Lead Generation Tune Up

A Marketingsage Lead Generation Tune Up can help you generate more sales leads, improve the quality of your leads and improve your sales close rate.

Marketingsage’s comprehensive methodology identifies your most desirable target audiences, where to reach them, how to get them to identify themselves, and how to communicate effectively with them throughout your sales cycle.

A Marketingsage specialist will examine your existing system of promotions, lead capture and lead nurturing methods along with your messages to find ways to increase your success.

The Process:

Stage 1: Data gathering and situation analysis

To make the tune up workshop as effective as possible, we work with you to gather background information about your company and lead generation. For instance, we learn how prospects enter your sales pipeline and review recent communications materials. This is also a good opportunity for you to let us know if you have specific concerns or areas you’d like us to address in the workshop and subsequent analysis. At this stage, we also review and agree on the specific post-tune up deliverables (see below) that we will provide.

Stage 2: Collaborative tune up workshop session

This is an in-depth working session with your marketing and sales executives, key staff involved in the lead generation and management process, and Marketingsage experts. We can meet in-person or conference on-line as you prefer. Typically, a tune up workshop session lasts approximately 4 hours. Here is the typical agenda of topics addressed:

  • Introductions and purpose
  • Products, markets, competitors, and partners
  • Customers and value        
  • Market reach
  • Messaging
  • Lead generation
  • Lead capture and nurturing
  • Brand strengthening
  • Wrap up, action items, time-line

Stage 3: Analyse findings, prepare customised action plan, recommendations and deliverables

After the workshop, we review what we have learnt about your company, your goals and capabilities and how these factors align with current best practises in lead generation. We formulate recommendations and develop deliverables that will improve your lead generation and management effectiveness. Generally, we allow a week for this.

Stage 4: Presentation of deliverables

We meet again to present you with a set of deliverables that will help you improve your lead generation activities. This generally takes about 2 hours, including time for feedback.

The deliverables are:

  • Lead generation and nurturing strategy. This includes a map of the sales process, conversion metrics and benchmarks as well as a review and recommendations for your lead capture forms and tracking.
  • PR strategy outline. Lead generation efforts benefit enormously from publicity. We outline a strategy for effectively messaging and targeting relevant outlets so that you can compete effectively.
  • List of 20 key media outlets for lead generation opportunities. These are the outlets most likely to provide you with access to your target audiences.
  • Clean-up and segmentation of your house list. We will consolidate and process up to 20,000 contacts from your existing CRM/lead management systems to ensure readiness for email communications. We will fix flawed data and segment the list based on available data to help increase your response rates.
  • Sample communications piece. Based on your immediate need for high impact communications with your target audience, we will prepare a sample communication for your use and reference. Examples include an advert, email follow-up, call script, letter/card, or press release.

Stage 5: Complementary follow up consultations

All good habits require reinforcement. That’s why we believe it is important that we check back in with you to help and encourage you with your lead generation improvements. We offer a 2-hour consultation after 3 months and another 1-hour consultation after 6 months. You update us on how your realigned lead generation is working. We can address any questions you may have, and we are happy to give you guidance and suggestions as needed to ensure your continued success.

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