Marketingsage Service Extras

As you'd expect, there are many pages on this site dedicated to the larger jobs of sales and marketing. This page highlights some of the nutty-gritty, day-to-day, down-in-the-weeds, above-and-beyond services provided by Marketingsage that can save a client tens-of-thousands of dollars every year. What's more, these are just the kind of services that typical agencies and consultants can't and won't provide because they lack the tools, know-how and experience in their clients' industry.

Competitor Tracking and Analysis
Marketingsage proactively looks for developments in our clients' markets so we are often the first to spot competitive moves. This means our clients' sales teams and press spokespeople are better informed and prepared.
Most agencies couldn't name their client's competitors let alone know enough about them to provide meaningful information and analysis about products, launches, customers and management.

Sales Lead Processing — Target Prospect Identification
Let's say you target large organizations. If a lead came in from a Fortune 1000 firm or a government agency you'd expect the sales team to be all over it. Of course you would. At the very least, you'd expect them to prioritize that lead over someone requesting information using a Yahoo email address.
But, do you expect all your salespeople to know the names and domain names of all Fortune 1000 firms and all the US government agencies? That's not realistic. Most people can only identify a small fraction of them, even when looking at a list.
Marketingsage keeps a list of a client's most coveted prospects and prospect types. Our proprietary software flags all leads that arrive from those sources. This service allows your salespeople can act quickly on the most valuable leads and your sales managers to follow-up.

We can flag and prioritize leads from:

  • Fortune 1000 firms
  • US Government Agencies & Departments
  • US Military Departments
  • The largest IT Resellers
  • People using popular public email domains
  • People using popular disposable email domains
  • Any other list

Data Mining & Data Cleansing
It's very common for a firm to have a CRM system full of great, but unusable leads. It's not that you can't get at the leads. It's more likely that it is very impractical to do so, especially if you are using a slow online CRM system, or a system with limited fields or analytical capabilities.
Records need analysis and manipulation so they can be segmented intelligently into sales territories or groups. For example, you may want to group competitors, resellers, government agencies, large firms, etc. but you have no way easy to match your data to lists of your target segments.
Or, you may want to assign leads from various countries to a sales territory manager, but the data in "Country" field is incomplete or inconsistent. You may be able to identify the country by an email address, IP address, phone number, country code or other data, but doing this manually for hundreds or thousands of leads is just not practical.
Marketingsage can help. We use proprietary software especially designed to analyze, manipulate and segment sales leads.

Sales Lead Delivery to CRM Systems
Pay-per-lead advertising programs are useful, but many have costly disadvantages. This is especially true when leads are delivered by daily spreadsheet and then have to be uploaded into your CRM system. While technically easy, this task can become a costly chore that unnecessarily sidelines key people for many hours each month.
Marketingsage can manage this lead delivery process for clients. Our proprietary software "normalizes" leads from different sources to make them compatible with client CRM and email response systems. We then use it to "push" the leads into the client's system without the need for a manual import. The sales team gets the leads while they're "hot" and a client's valuable time is not spent on data entry chores.

Enhanced Creative Services
You'd expect an agency to produce great adverts and many do. So does Marketingsage. However, typical creative agencies do not help you with result tracking and management.
Tracking how an advertisement performs involves the creation of tracking codes, landing pages, opt-in forms and response letters. It also involves tools for counting clicks and processing leads. Marketingsage manages all these details so you not only deliver leads to your sales team, you know what adverts are generating those leads.

About Marketingsage
Marketingsage is a full-service marketing agency that acts as a “force multiplier” that enables technology firms to cost-effectively compete with larger or more established rivals. Using a unique mix of market knowledge, integrated marketing services, and proprietary tools, Marketingsage has helped clients make millions in new revenue by generating sales leads, building brands, launching new products, and establishing new sales channels. Marketingsage has achieved that at about 50% of the cost of adding to payroll or using typical agencies.
Marketingsage was founded in 2002 by Agnes A. Lamont and David X. Lamont who each have over 20+ years experience marketing data storage and data management products. Their hands-on experience includes executive management, sales, product marketing, channel marketing, PR, and marketing communications for large firms such as IBM, Seagate, EMC/Legato and a number of innovative start-ups. They have successfully marketed solid state storage, hard disk drives, RAID, backup and recovery, infrastructure management, security, and cloud-based "as-a-service" products directly to enterprise customers and through OEMs, distributors and resellers.
If you think Marketingsage may be able to help you and your business, please give us a call at 925-426-0488 or click here to have us contact you.