Strategic Marketing Counsel and Process Design by Marketingsage
Strategy is the science of mapping future success. For business marketing, success is generating profitable sales in a measurable way. Research, promotions, sales channels, product development, pricing, staffing and everything else that represent marketing's resources should be managed as means to that end.

The benefits of a strategic advisor are substantial for individuals and businesses:

Whether you are the CEO or a department manager, you benefit from the qualified unbiased perspective of someone who is not distracted by the day-to-day issues you manage or the politics of your organization. Your advisor can help you see the bigger picture, review alternatives and help you articulate your strategy in terms that management, or a board of directors, can support.

The very process or planning a strategy makes you and your organization stronger because it forces everyone to think, debate and ultimately narrow many alternative approaches to one that's right for your unique situation.

Strategic advice is at its most useful when:

It's tailored to your situation, goals, resources, and competitive environment. Generic "Silver Bullet" strategies make great articles by simplifying the complex concepts. However, what worked for someone else's situation may not work for yours and you could lose a lot of time and resources before realizing that.

You share all the facts about your situation with your advisor.

The advisor is expected to execute the strategy. Be wary of plans from consultants who do not get involved with the actual execution or who have never executed what they are recommending. The devil is always in the details.

Marketingsage can help you:

  • By taking on a visible or background role as a contracted vice present or director of marketing.
  • Prepare strategic marketing plans and investor presentations.
  • Develop your resale channel strategy and negotiate effective resale agreements.
  • Launch new products.
  • Increase sales of existing products.
  • Develop an ROI-centric advertising strategy.
  • Prioritize product and feature development.
  • Position your product in a competitive marketplace.
  • Define your sales lead management process using or other CRM system.
  • Mentor and train marketing staff.
  • Develop appropriate win-win measurements for marketing job performance.
About Marketingsage

Marketingsage is a full-service marketing agency that acts as a “force multiplier” that enables technology firms to cost-effectively compete with larger or more established rivals. Using a unique mix of market knowledge, integrated marketing services, and proprietary tools, Marketingsage has helped clients make millions in new revenue by generating sales leads, building brands, launching new products, and establishing new sales channels. Marketingsage has achieved that at about 50% of the cost of adding to payroll or using typical agencies.

Marketingsage was founded in 2002 by Agnes A. Lamont and David X. Lamont who each have over 20+ years experience marketing data storage and data management products. Their hands-on experience includes executive management, sales, product marketing, channel marketing, PR, and marketing communications for large firms such as IBM, Seagate, EMC/Legato and a number of innovative start-ups. They have successfully marketed solid state storage, hard disk drives, RAID, backup and recovery, infrastructure management, security, and cloud-based "as-a-service" products directly to enterprise customers and through OEMs, distributors and resellers.

If you think Marketingsage may be able to help you and your business, please give us a call at 925-426-0488 or click here to have us contact you.