RamSan-20: An Introduction to Texas Memory Systems First PCIe Flash Storage Device
This is an example of a video data sheet for a high-tech product in a competitive market. The target audience is IT managers, database administrators and workstation users who may not be familiar with this type of product. Notes about this video are below.



Script and Narration
The script is the most critical component of a good video and the hardest part to create, especially if the writer is not familiar with the product and industry. The script used for this video was created by Marketingsage in collaboration with our client. It introduces the product, explains why it's important, and highlights the features that make this product special. It goes on to provide trust-building information about the manufacturer and ends with a measurable call to action that generates high-quality sales leads. The narration was recorded in-house by Marketingsage to make editing fast and inexpensive.


Images and Production
The images include one photograph of the product. It was animated during the video production process. Footage of the product installation was taken by the client on a standard consumer camcorder. Additional footage of the client was shot by Marketingsage for other projects and reused in this video. The music, clip art and other animations are used under licence.


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