Marketingsage Brand Building Solution

Savvy marketers invest in brand building because:

  • You can double the chances that your product will be selected. People are twice as likely to favour a brand they know well over one they don’t.
  • The process of building brand awareness can drive sales leads (if done with that in mind).
  • A trusted brand can increase the perceived value of the product, allowing you to sell at higher prices.
  • A brand’s value can be reflected as an asset on a firm’s books, adding to the value of the shareholder’s equity.
  • Brand equity can be transferred to new products, making them easier to introduce and sell.
  • A brand name or image can be legally protected from imitators.

Many businesses limit their branding efforts to graphic design and the creation of clever slogans. This is not enough. Others spend substantial amounts of money on public relations and advertising and they also find that it’s not enough to deliver the payoff they expected. If it were as easy as creating a clever logo and spending lots of money on advertising, we would not have seen so many business failures during the dot-com bust.

A brand is really about your reputation – your promise to fulfil a need relative to other suppliers in the market. Building a brand is about building awareness and trust among those who influence the success of your business. If enough customers or potential customers believe you fulfil your promise, then you have a strong brand. However, if most believe that you do not fulfil what they think you promise, then promoting the brand can hurt your business. So, it’s with this understanding that Marketingsage helps clients build successful brands.

We understand our clients’ products, markets, sales channels, competitors, and influencers at a much deeper lever than typical agencies. This translates into better message targeting and product positioning. We identify more relevant editorial and advertising opportunities and we are likely to know more of the people who influence how people perceive your brand.

Marketingsage integrates all key brand building functions. We can manage public relations, press relations, analyst relations, advertising, event management, direct marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, and channel marketing. We take care of creative services and copy writing. By filling the gaps within your organisation on an as needed basis you can get results faster and less expensively than hiring multiple agencies or adding to the payroll.

Marketingsage uses a host of customised tools and processes to assess and enhance brand equity. We monitor our clients’ competitors, so we can react quickly to their messaging. We also monitor social media outlets for discussions involving our clients.

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