Successful Product Launches

A strong launch gives a product the momentum it needs to be successful. At launch time you have a unique opportunity to grab your audiences’ attention, get them excited about your offering and to encourage them to spread the word for you. The more effective your launch is, the faster you will penetrate your market and achieve profitability. This is especially critical where product life cycles are short, and competition is intense. A weak launch can require you to spend significantly more on promotions to initiate sales and may place you at a distinct, and costly, competitive disadvantage.

Launching new products and updates successfully requires precision planning and co-ordinated scheduling that meets deadline and budget. It also requires an understanding of the marketplace and broad marketing expertise. That’s where Marketingsage can help. Our experience in all aspects of product launch – from feature requirements definition, strategic positioning, press, promotions, and everything in between – can help you make your next product launch your most successful ever.

Here are some examples of common launch challenges where Marketingsage can provide you with strategic or implementation assistance:

Market definition and opportunity assessment for your new product.

Effective positioning and messaging – creating meaningful differentiation based on features/benefits, market conditions, and competitive alternatives.

Trademark and web domain registration.

Internal roll-out – ensuring your staff are trained and well-equipped to represent your offering and that no detail that would impact your market-readiness has been overlooked.

Channel and partner roll-out – depending on your go to market strategy, we can ensure timely, effective communications and support to your channel and/or OEM partners and affiliates. We can create and adapt sales tools and promotions to ensure that your partners successfully amplify your launch efforts.

Promotion plan and execution – we work within your budget and time-line to ensure that your promotional mix is optimised for building awareness and generating qualified sales leads in desirable target markets.  PR, advertising, social media, events, and direct marketing are leveraged as appropriate.

Endorsements for trust building – case studies, quotes, awards, and compatibility certifications are just some of the ways in which we build trust for your product, and equity in your brand. We can even help with beta site recruitment and programs.

Sales tools – web sites, brochures, data sheets, use case scenarios, white papers, reports, video, promotional items, presentations, scripts, objection handling, list procurement, and competitive overviews are examples of the tools we can produce to equip your sales and staff for success at launch and beyond.

Bandwidth – even if you have the talent, tools, and contacts to launch available internally, chances are time is a problem. Marketingsage gives you the additional bandwidth you need to ensure that your launch is successful and on time. We use proven, proprietary tools and checklists to make sure that we work effectively with your staff and that all aspects of your launch stay on track for success.

Publicity – PR, analyst relations, social media, advertising, email, direct mail, and integrated Internet marketing efforts ensure that you get the publicity you deserve.

Post launch adjustment – once your actual launch passes, we can help you build on your momentum so that you can shift focus from initial launch to increasing market share and long-term success.

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