Marketingsage Sales Channel Development Solution

Sales channel decisions impact pricing, product features, packaging, services, promotions, production, internal processes, revenue recognition, contracts, sales compensation and the organisational structure of the company. They are not decisions to be taken lightly — especially when so many resale agreements do not turn into real sales.

Developing a resale channel pays off when:

  • Profit margins can support the resale layers.
  • Resellers combine your product with other products or services to deliver a more desirable solution to the end customer.
  • End-users have existing trusted relationships with the reseller, so resellers can more easily introduce new ideas and products. Adding resale partners can be a fast way to access new sales territories.
  • You want to implement a Strategic Influence Strategy. Solution providers, particularly VAR's and OEMs, influence each other so success with one channel often leads to success with the other.
  • You want to reduce financial risk by spreading sales and sales costs over a larger customer base.

Marketingsage can help you develop a resale channel by:

  • Helping you decide whether a new sales channel is right for your business at this time. If a resale strategy is right, we can help you decide what kind of channel to build – OEM/integrator, VAR, distributor, retail, direct or a blend.
  • Avoiding the common mistakes that result in investments of substantial resources and few (or no) sales.
  • Helping you plan your channel strategy and to implement it. This means working closely with you through each of the 3 critical stages necessary to generate profitable sales through a resale channel:
  • Identifying the right resale partners such as those with other relationships that matter to your business.
  • Recruiting the resellers and agreeing the terms of the relationship. For example: Product use rights, market development funds, co-op programs, demonstration product, stock-rotation, technical support, end-of-life agreements, and the (often neglected) plan for launching the partnership and getting to the first sale.

Empowering the reseller to make the first critical sale. Empowerment can include:

  • Creating and managing sales kits and training programs.
  • Generating and directing suitable sales leads to channel partners.
  • Creating and managing sales-centric promotional and incentive programs.

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