Marketingsage Sales Lead Generation Solution
Sales lead generation is arguably the most important marketing achievement for any business, next to making an actual sale. So to generate sales leads, and ultimately revenue, businesses engages in activities such as press relations, advertising, trade shows, web site optimization, white paper publishing, etc. For most good marketers, these activities do generate sales leads, but not necessarily the quality or quantity they need to meet their revenue goals. That’s where Marketingsage can help.

Marketingsage helps you generate, capture and nurture higher quality leads and higher quantities of leads from your existing budget.

We use our skills, knowledge of your market, creative resources and relationships with the media to promote the right message, to the right audience, at the right time to generate sales, information, pricing and purchase requests. We can also provide you with prospect lists for outbound calls.

Your sales team will get their sales leads in real time so they can respond quickly to close sales. Additionally, we'll add each interested prospect to your house mail list so you can inexpensively build your relationship with them, nurture them through the product selection process and introduce new products.

Marketingsage can manage your house list, removing those who are no longer prospects and non-leads (e.g. undesirable records and those with unusable contact details). Our proprietary tools allow us to grade and prioritize your leads so your sales team can spend their time on the quality leads they want. This process also allows us to segment leads so personalized messages can be sent to different interest groups. This increases the effectiveness of each promotion.

We continually analyze results so we can optimize your lead generation process. This optimization is critical because the effectiveness of any creative and media outlet changes over time. Our process allows us to lower your cost-per-lead and/or increase the number of leads you get for the same budget. Uniquely, Marketingsage can also optimize your cost-per-quality-lead so you can make truly effective budgeting decisions.

Our sales lead reports give you the information needed for effective interdepartmental cooperation, budget recommendations and strategy formulation.

Marketingsage vs. In-house

People are often surprised to learn that Marketingsage is typically hired by executives who are have extensive marketing experience. Savvy marketers hire us because they recognize our ability to effectively execute best-practice marketing strategies at a lower cost than they can in-house or using typical agencies. Additionally, they recognize that because Marketingsage represents multiple clients, we will always have more information about what's working and where the best media buys can be found. We simply have more leverage and economies of scale than any advertiser can get on their own. Additionally, contracting Marketingsage to help the in-house team is less expensive than adding to payroll. When a client reduces their marketing overhead they can apply a greater percentage of their budget to sales generating programs and enhance their results even further.

Marketingsage vs. Typical Agencies

Typical agencies are task-centric, not result centric. They specialize in PR, graphic design, search engine optimization and other tasks that are just one component of any viable lead generation system (see chart above). They have no effective way to optimize and improve a client's sales lead generation system. Doing more, instead of doing better, simply increases costs without necessarily increasing the return. Additionally, typical task-centric agencies require significant coordination, increasing a client's workload rather than reducing it.

Marketingsage delivers a sustainable sales lead management system that is continuously optimized to produce the best results. We have proprietary and specialist tools that make us more effective and cost-effective than typical agencies. And, we specialize in markets, so we know how our clients' customers make their purchase decisions.

About Marketingsage

Marketingsage is a full-service marketing agency that acts as a “force multiplier” that enables technology firms to cost-effectively compete with larger or more established rivals. Using a unique mix of market knowledge, integrated marketing services, and proprietary tools, Marketingsage has helped clients make millions in new revenue by generating sales leads, building brands, launching new products, and establishing new sales channels. Marketingsage has achieved that at about 50% of the cost of adding to payroll or using typical agencies.

Marketingsage was founded in 2002 by Agnes A. Lamont and David X. Lamont who each have over 20+ years experience marketing data storage and data management products. Their hands-on experience includes executive management, sales, product marketing, channel marketing, PR, and marketing communications for large firms such as IBM, Seagate, EMC/Legato and a number of innovative start-ups. They have successfully marketed solid state storage, hard disk drives, RAID, backup and recovery, infrastructure management, security, and cloud-based "as-a-service" products directly to enterprise customers and through OEMs, distributors and resellers.

If you think Marketingsage may be able to help you and your business, please give us a call at 925-426-0488 or click here to have us contact you.