Marketingsage Solves Problems

While typical agencies focus on tasks, Marketingsage focuses on solutions that can help other marketers and business executives achieve their objectives and advance their careers. We don’t just provide PR services. We help build brand preference. We don’t just manage advertising. We generate quality sales leads. We don’t just design collateral. We launch products and companies. This means clients can delegate broad objectives to us and we’ll proactively get the job done.

Here are some common problems that Marketingsage can help you solve:

  • We need to increase revenue and keep within our budget.
  • Journalists and analysts ignore us. We want our fair share of coverage.
  • Our sales tools are less effective than our competitors. We need case studies, white papers, videos with less fluff and more substance so prospects can understand our value.
  • We need to know more about our competitors.
  • Product life cycles in our market are short. We need to maximise revenue as fast as possible then launch a new product and do it again.
  • The sales team is complaining about the quality of our sales leads. We need better quality leads.
  • The sales team is complaining about the low volume of sales leads. We need a steady supply of leads.
  • Politically, we are on the defensive. We need better results and more data to demonstrate the value of what we do.
  • We want to develop OEM relationships, but we can't get the attention of the big guys.
  • We want to grow sales by building a reseller channel.
  • We’ve signed a bunch or resellers, but they are not selling anything. We need to ramp up sales through our channel.
  • My budget’s been cut, but my objectives have stayed the same. I need to increase the effectiveness of every Euro.
  • We have solid plans, but we are not executing fast enough. I need skilled people who can remove some of the bottlenecks, so we can ramp-up faster.
  • My team is new or inexperienced. I need someone to help them develop their skills.
  • I need someone to bounce ideas off and who can advise me on strategy.
  • I’m not in control of my own resources. I need to stop others from meddling, so I can my job done.

In some cases, you may need strategic advice. In others, you may just need someone who can execute your plan. In all cases you’ll want to work with someone has the know-how, tools, experience and motivation to do the job right.

Learn more about how your business beat your competition, attract better sales leads and win the loyalty of your customers by contacting Marketingsage now.


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